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Our Core Team

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Cian Egan

CEO and Chief Technical Architect

Cian oversees the overall strategy of the Cloud Integration Corporation. He is also our chief Technology Architect.

Cian got his big break in 2012 when he started working for a relatively unknown company back then called: Workday in their support and operations department. Fast forward to 2023, Cian is now a seasoned Veteran of end-to-end HR transformation projects/technical implementations working on a variety of roles (Technical Solution Architecture, Integration Lead Architect and Cutover Management), . He has worked on 18+ HR related projects across the globe from sales through to hyper-care and has managed projects with up 350 integrations in scope and teams up to 30 people. The majority of his project experience comes from his time at the world's largest system integrator where he was the chief integration architect for EMEA in the Workday practice as well as the primary technical design approver for all Workday transformation-related projects. Cian has also spent a number of years working at a big four consultancy.


Liam Egan


Liam Egan is the Chairman of the Cloud Integration Corporation with 40 years experience heading high achieving teams primarily in the public sector. As workplace leader, director and co-ordinator he was responsible for maintaining the excellence of staff and courses. Liam is a powerful motivator and speaker with exceptional positivity and confidence building capabilities. His continuing passion is developing communication expertise that he pursues by tutoring young people in the skills of Public Speaking and Debate. His own communication competence is maintained by frequent speaking engagements with Toastmasters International and in other gatherings. In his spare time he researches and writes on history and folklore.


Nimbus Bot

Automated Secretary

Nimbus Bots' job is to handle 90% of incoming/outgoing communications and to orchestrate the delivery to the right teams within CIC. Nimbus Bot is also tasked with ensuring that all online meetings booked via the website are tracked, tagged, and assigned to the right team within the Cloud Integration Corporation. In CICOnline Nimbus also performs thousands of calculations to help massively reduce our administration time giving everyone at CIC more time to spend on Client work. In Nimbus Bots' spare time they also like repeating all of the above tasks Ad infinitum.

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