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Discover our Development Process

To start your New Enterprise Task Estimation Request today simply press the button above.

The Cloud Integration Corporation introduces a revolutionary approach to planning, designing, and building technical application tasks such as: Integrations, Reports, API and Automation development.  - the "New Task Request Process" under the "ConnectE2E" implementation strategy.


By leveraging pre-existing component-based Task design, we lower the cost of custom enterprise task development, while accommodating task enhancements post go-live to cater to evolving business process scenarios.

Our custom platform 'HRT Control' manages all project management tasks, technical design, project management, and quality assurance tasks are directly handled by us, ensuring a seamless service experience for You.


We offer official fixed-price estimations for all valid task requests, tracked on HRT-Control for consistency, accuracy, and clear communication.

Our methodology "Connected-E2E" mandates adherence to this approach for all technical projects, delivering better, faster, and cheaper task development than traditional deployment methodologies.


We also offer BAU outsourcing services for any task we build. Contact us to learn more or start your request today using the "New Request" button.

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